**Color Choices. FAQ. Painting Tips & Fun

**Color Choices. FAQ. Painting Tips & Fun

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*Order online, pick up in studio or choose delivery, return for firing

*Orders will be ready in 7 days


**PLEASE NOTE:  colors may appear different on various computer screens
*If you want to leave it white, no need to paint that area.  All pieces are clear glazed.
*Colors will look chalky & light before glazing & firing
*All pieces are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe after firing
*Paints are non-toxic and water-based for super easy clean up.



*you don't need a lot of water (only to wash out brushes)
*wipe on paper towel after dipping in water
*use any plate to pour out paint as needed


PARENTS here are some fun games to play with kids that love to paint fast:

*Plan out your design
*Provide 1 color to start
*Put down paint brushes & sing a song, do a dance, tell a joke between each color (or just randomly)

*Watch some fun Color Me Mine videos on youtube (fun bubble or tape technique you can do at home)




Endless possibilities & endless fun!